About the American Brahms Society

Mission Statement

Founded in 1983 on the occasion of the sesquicentenary of the birth of Johannes Brahms, the American Brahms Society is a non-profit, learned organization that actively seeks to foster and disseminate research on the life, music, and historical position of Brahms. To this end, the Society publishes a semi-annual newsletter, awards a scholarship for graduate students, and supports occasional conferences and publications organized by its members.


The Board of Directors

  • President, Valerie Goertzen (Loyola University New Orleans) (23-27; President 19-23) 
  • Vice President and Treasurer, Marie Sumner Lott (Georgia State University) (21-25; Vice President 22-24, Treasurer 21-23)
  • Secretary and Membership Chair, Loretta Terrigno (Eastman School of Music) (20-24; Secretary and Membership Chair 21-23)
  • Styra Avins (New York) (21-25)
  • Daniel Beller-McKenna (University of New Hampshire) (20-24)
  • Paul Berry (Yale University) (21-25)
  • George Bozarth (University of Washington) (20-24)
  • Nicole Grimes (University of California, Irvine) (22-26)
  • William P. Horne (Loyola University New Orleans) (20-24)
  • Karen Leistra-Jones (Franklin and Marshall College) (20-24)
  • Ryan McClelland (University of Toronto) (23-27)
  • Laurie McManus (Shenandoah Conservatory) (23-27)
  • Scott Murphy (University of Kansas) (21-25)
  • Jacquelyn Sholes (University of Rochester) (20-24)
  • Peter H. Smith (University of Notre Dame) (21-25)

Corresponding Directors

  • Otto Biba (Vienna)
  • Kurt Hofmann (Lübeck)
  • Matthias Kirschnereit (ex officio; President, Johannes-Brahms-Gesellschaft Hamburg)
  • Christof Maisch (ex officio; President, Brahmsgesellschaft Baden-Baden)
  • Minoru Nishihara (ex officio; Japan Brahms Society)
  • Siegfried Oechsle (ex officio; Johannes Brahms Gesamtausgabe)
  • Johannes Prominczel (ex officio; Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien)
  • Wolfgang Sandberger (ex officio; Brahms-Institut an der Musikhochschule Lübeck)

Honorary Members

  • Bernice Geiringer †
  • Renate and Kurt Hofmann
  • Margit L. McCorkle
  • Thomas Quigley

Advisory Board

  • David Brodbeck (University of California, Irvine)
  • Camilla Cai (Kenyon College)
  • Richard Cohn (Yale University)
  • Walter Frisch (Columbia University)
  • Virginia Hancock (Reed College)
  • Margaret Notley (University of North Texas)
  • Heather Platt (Ball State University)
  • James Webster (Cornell University)
  • Christoph Wolff (Harvard University)

Officials of the Society

Karen Leistra-Jones, Chair, Geiringer Committee
Franklin & Marshall College
P. O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003

Jacquelyn Sholes, Chair, Publication Subvention Committee
Arthur Satz Department of Music
University of Rochester
1-315 Dewey Hall
P.O. Box 270052
Rochester, NY 14627

William Horne and Valerie Goertzen, Newsletter Editors
College of Music and Media
Campus Box 8
Loyola University New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, 70118